A World Without Men: The Commentary

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This episode starts with Dr. John Von Foolish telling the Brass Ladies that he learned an interesting fact about whip-tailed lizards from his brother-in-law Dr. Den Tist that all the males of that species are extinct. Somehow, the Y-chromosome shrank overtime & disappeared so that whip-tailed lizards are all female now. They actually have to fake sex to reproduce, and their offspring is always female! What a strange fact! Anyway, fact is stranger than fiction. Danielle Lipstick does the classic spit take after hearing the news from Dr. Foolish! She was drinking some tea, as you see in the image here. It's disgustingly funny that the tea goes into her mouth and then right back into her mug!

After hearing what Dr. Foolish told them, the Brass Ladies jokingly cheered that their sex would eventually "win" the war of the sexes, a joke that Burger didn't think was funny! (Burger often appears in the Battle of the Sexes cartoons of Blueworld Adventures since he usually has communication problems with the female sex! However, at least some of his friends are female.) Burger burst to tears, thinking that women don't really love men. Dottie Doll then tells the other Brass Ladies that he had a point; she already knew what it is like when your species is all in 1 gender since her kind is designed to be female. She's a feminine android created by a machine in a space factory located in Girly Girl Galaxy - a galaxy where all the inhabitants are female; this galaxy is themed on feminine things. Dottie has thousands of duplicates that look just like her, but with different serial numbers so you can know which one is which; the Dottie Doll we know in the Extraordinares Club is the original #1!


The Dottie Dolls always wondered what dating is like but no one would ever date them since they're androids/life-sized, living toys. I like how Dottie says that she & her duplicates aren't homosexual! Maybe that word is almost never used in kids' cartoons, but it means that you're attracted to people in your own sex; heterosexual is the opposite of this word. Sally B. Martin's little brother Robert dates Dottie at the end of this episode so she could find out what a date feels like. Would you date an android? Perhaps an android would be more romantic than a real person because androids are artificial intelligences. They do want they're programmed to do; if they're programmed to be romantic, then they'll date you whenever you want to! Although, true love is when someone really loves you back, so remember that.

The 2 top panels show the advantages of a manless world, and the 2 bottom panels show the disadvantages!

The Brass Ladies imagined how a world without men would be like for them. First, they thought about the advantages; like for example, they would no longer need signs that say "No Boys Allowed" or "Ladies Only" since there would be no more boys in the world to exclude from their parties! Then they thought about the disadvantages; like for example, no more boyfriends, as Susan Amy Martin cries in 1 panel! The Lipstick Sisters Danielle & Michelle thought it was more fun to dress in sexy clothing with men around to admire their beauty! Sabrina Pixie thought at first that they could still reproduce since ladies are the ones that give birth, but Faye Pixie tells her they need sperms from the males first; and then Sabrina gets a mischeivous idea! She ordered a bottle of sex-inverting potion from Gender Bender Mender Galaxy and a female connecto sapiens delivers it in the next scene! (The connecto sapiens could have easily changed gender by splashing it on herself, or Sabrina could have done that by accident & say "Sorry!", then the connecto sapiens could say "It's okay, I'll change back to a female later." That would surely be funny!)

So Sabrina & the other ladies had what they needed to turn from ladies to gentlemen, but guess who wants to drink the sex-inverting potion: none of them! This scene was like a game of Hot Potato! After shoving & kicking away the bottle several times, Dottie Doll was the unlucky lady to be forced to drink the potion. Since she's an android however, the effect isn't permanent for her; I wanted to show in the episode that the effect was only temporary for feminine androids like Dottie, but the cartoon would have taken more time to finish. To invert back to their original, birth gender, a Brass Lady would simply have to drink another pint of the sex-inverting potion. It has a double negation effect per pint.

There is a "male" version of this episode in Season 3 called "A Womanless World" in which Burger, Onio, Mouse-Bill & Kickball AKA Craig Spheres wanted to live in a world without women, so Brain let them take some of his fantasy pills so they could experience their wish, only to find out that it wasn't as great as they thought it would be! Their mothers, sisters, wives, etc. disappeared so the men weren't happy. Brain snapped his fingers to show that the whole thing was just an illusion; the women never really went anywhere! The case is practically the same in this episode except that we see from the Brass Ladies' perspective.

You can't really blame the Brass Ladies for wanting to stay female because sometimes, it is quite dangerous to be male. Futhermore, females are expected to live longer, and they do live longer than males on the average. Plus, men can have the most dangerous jobs; for example, being a soldier who must risk his life to serve his country, killing enemy soldiers or being killed by an enemy soldier himself! At least being male has some advantages. Anyway, the Brass Ladies got a little bit desperate to get a husband so they each wanted another Brass Lady to sacrifice her femininity so they would have someone to marry! The sex-inverting potion chemically turns egg cells to sperm cells, estrogen to testosterone & vice versa so that a female transforms into a male! (Or the other way around) Technically as a last resort, the Brass Ladies were about commit rape on each other via sex inversion (if it does count as rape) so they could get sperm cells from the male/former female character to become pregnant & have children! Usually though, it's the males who rape the females but don't do it, boys, because it's a no-no! Females somehow have the ability to turn their sex drive on & off, but the sex drive is much stronger in males; sometimes, it's a weakness for us men, plus some women use that weakness to take advantage of men, too! Talk about femme fatales!


In conclusion, we may not like everything about our opposite sexes, but the 2 sexes need each other in many special ways; both sexes are needed for reproduction. The 2 sexes each have their own strengths & weaknesses that complement each other thru the sexes. Microscopic organisms may be able to reproduce asexually, but animals (humans included) just don't have that ability. So, folks, remember to have some respect for your opposite sex & your own!

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