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9-29-2007: This site was opened to the public, ready for viewing!

10-7-2007: Added a new link on the Career Path/Links Page to www.kirkmillett.com!

10-21-2007: Since Comcast has upgraded their Web disk space, this Web domain has grown 40 times larger!(From 25 MB to 1 GB!) The Weekly Animation Page has been renamed the Mini-Animation Page!

11-5-2007: Got a brand new hit counter for the Introductory Page!

11-18-2007: Added Comet Caper: The Timeline to the Extra Section! Also added an information page about the 2 bonus mini-series of "Blueworld Adventures", also available in the Extra Section! The Comic Strips Page has 15 comics now, so it's full. Created a 2nd page of comic strips!

11-28-2007: Comic Strips Page #2 is ready for viewing!

12-13-2007: Put a bonus mini-comic strip in the Extra Section! Also, the full length animations are now available here in this Website! See their descriptions at www.sito.org.

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