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1-9-2008: Thanks for 100 visits!

1-10-2008: Put a hyperlink back to the Introductory Page on the Index Page!

2-21-2008: Comic Strips Page #2 has 15 comics, so it's full. Created a 3rd Comic Strip Page.

2-29-2008: Added 2 new puzzle games to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Little Lego Ladies" & "Derek & the Dangerous Dice"! However, "Derek & the Dangerous Dice" is under construction.

3-5-2008: "Derek & the Dangerous Dice" is ready to be played!

3-25-2008: Comic Strips Page #3 is ready for viewing! Added a new special image and a hyperlink to the series' rating in the Extra Section! Added a new link on the Career Path/Links Page to www.brownielocks.com!

6-13-2008: Added an image to the Index Page to remind you to bookmark this site, if you like it!

6-17-2008: Added a new Flash game to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Momerath Memory CCW"!

7-17-2008: The Still Image/Pocket Joke Section has been posted onto the site, but it's under construction. Created a 4th Comic Strip Page. Since there are now more than 3 pages of comics, I created a menu page for the Comic Strip Section. Added 4 new pages to the Extra Section: The Map of the Land Chunks in Blueworld, Burger's Snappy Comebacks, About Independence Day, and Revengeful Response of the Cartoons. There's a bonus hyperlink to www.timeanddate.com on 1 of these pages! I decided to copy my hit counter on the Index page since most Web sites have a hit counter on their index pages.

8-8-2008: Added another bonus mini-comic strip to the Extra Section: Stoplight Stupidity!

8-12-2008: The Still Image/Pocket Joke Section is now open!

8-27-2008: Comic Strip Page #4 is ready for viewing!

9-5-2008: Added 2 new puzzles to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Gasoline Graphs" & "Spider Squashers"! Added 2 new mini-animations: "Danielle Lipstick & the Teddy Bear" & "Go-go Goes Around"! Also raised the time limit for the mini-animations from 10 seconds to 15 seconds; 10 seconds just aren't enough any more.

9-24-2008: Created a 3rd page of Still Images & Pocket Jokes! Thanks for 200 hits!

10-10-2008: Created a 5th Comic Strip Page since Comic Strip Page #4 has 15 comics now. It's already ready for viewing!

10-20-2008: Finally posted a brand new full-length animation on the Full-Length Animations Page: "Zorbon: A Combination of Soccer & Billiards!"

11-10-2008: Created a 4th Still Image/Pocket Joke Page and a menu page for that section. But the 4th page is under construction.

11-14-2008: Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animation Page:"Alice & Goldie Push A Peg"! Added a bonus card game joke to the Extra Section!

12-1-2008: Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animation Page:"Earthworm Foot Massage"! Created Comic Strip Page #6 since Comic Strip Page #5 is now full. But the new page of comics is not ready for viewing yet.

12-10-2008: Still Image/Pocket Joke Page 4 is ready for viewing! Comic Strip Page #6 is ready for viewing! Added a greeting cards page in the Extra Section, and a commentary about "Inversion of the Sexes"!

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