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1-13-2011: Added a new animation to the Full-Length Animations Page: "Polluting Paint"! Also added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animations Page: "Maryanne & the Dirty Tile Planet"!

2-14-2011: Added 2 hyperlinks on this page. 1 hyperlink takes you to the bottom of this page, the other takes you back to the top.

2-28-2011: Thanks for 700 hits!

3-31-2011: Made changes to the cartoon series title on the Index Page! I gave it a thick, outset, yellow border, and gave the text a blue background, changed the size of the letters, and turned them from black to white. I even changed the font to Comic Sans MS.

4-13-2011: Added a new blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page: "Technical Wipe-Out!" From "Derek's Surfing Craze"!

4-20-2011: Added a bonus image to the Puzzles & Games Page! It's a PNG of Brain! Looks like he's ON the Web page, doesn't it?

4-29-2011: Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animations Page: "Dick Slicing Burnt Breadsticks"!

5-1-2011: Thanks for 800 hits!

5-9-2011: Added a link to my 2nd Web site on the Career Path/Links Pages! It's a site with math tricks I discovered as well as tips to become a better mathematician.

5-11-2011: Changed the size of some of the images in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section so they're more likely to fit on your screen. Also added line breaks to the pages of the Comic Strip Section. Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animation Page: "Patience's Shoe Trick"! Finally, I uploaded a CSS file to stylize the main page of each section.

5-13-2011: Added a new animation to the Full-Length animations Page: "E.A.R.T.H."!

5-26-2011: Uploaded 3 more CSS files to enlarge the text of every Web page in this Web site; this should make the text easier to read. Also used internal style sheets to simply reading the text in some of the pages. Enlarged the messages of the Comet Caper Timeline buttons. I even enlarged the hit counter on the Index Page a little.

5-29-2011: Added a special cartoon to the Extra Section: "1 Cartoon on the Screen is Worth 2 in the Imagination!"

6-18-2011: I fixed it so that you can now click on the image of the 36 major(primary) characters on the Index Page to see the names & profiles of the characters!

6-24-2011: Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animations Page: "Molly & Tinkerbell Play Checkers"!

6-29-2011: Something fishy happened to my old hit counter; it resetted back to 804 for some stupid reason, so I got a new one. Sorry if it's quite tiny, but I was warned not to modify it in any way.

7-13-2011: Thanks for 900 hits! Added a new puzzle to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Sex Probability Puzzle"! See the math formula for the probability of having a number of sons or daughters in your family!

7-28-2011: Added a new puzzle to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Movie Math: A Quiz of Animations!"; or perhaps we can call it a game! Incredible! Thanks for 7000 hits! I didn't expect so many hits this fast!

9-5-2011: A new greeting card is available for printing out on the Greeting Cards Page! "Saved From An Age Insult"!

9-16-2011: Added a new blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page: "Disco Disaster" From "Derek Disco"!

9-25-2011: Added 2 new links in the Extra Section! One link takes you to the Full-Length Comic Strip Previews at my www.sito.org account; the other one takes you to a commentary I typed for a mini-comic strip called "Sue & Her Ex-Boyfriend", which is at www.facebook.com.

9-26-2011: Remembering that not every visitor of my Web site has a Facebook account, I fixed the link to the commentary about "Sue & Her Ex-Boyfriend" so that you don't have to register for a Facebook account.

10-2-2011: Added a new page to the Extra Section; it's about Blueworld: the planet itself, and how it's compared to Earth!

10-20-2011: Added a new puzzle to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Musical Logic 2: Music Match-Up"! You must use your ears to solve this puzzle!(If you're deaf, then you can't play it unfortunately.) It's a tougher sequel to "Musical Logic"!

11-4-2011: Added 2 new mini-animations to the Mini-Animations Page: "Multitask V: Goldilocks Reads Her Cookbook & Feeds the Dormouse" & "Relativity & the Speed of Light"!

11-12-2011: Thanks for 8,000 hits! Posted a new mini-animation on the Mini-Animations Page: "Thanks For 8,000 Hits"! Changed the Mini-Animation Page so the newer mini-animations are on the top.

11-15-2011: Some sad news: I discovered that my math Web site has been deleted. I created it as a final project for my CA272 class. So since this happened, I will put the math tricks I discovered about numbers on this Web site sometime soon, I promise. In fact, they will have their own seperate section; the links to that section will be on the Index Page & the Puzzles & Games Page. Stay tuned, mathematicians! Also, a little bit of good news: I added a link to the Career Path/Links Page that lets you skip ahead to the link list!

11-16-2011: Added 2 new links to 2 math sites on the Career Path/Links Page: 1 site has fractal geometry & the other has paper models of polyhedra. (Polyhedra are 3-dimensional shapes with polygonal sides; cubes count as polyhedra.)

11-19-2011: Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animations Page: "Weight Vs. Strength: Gravity As A Referee!"

11-23-2011: As I promised, the Math Tricks Section has been added to the Web site! That bonus image of Brain that used to be on the Puzzles & Games Page has been moved to a page in this new section; see the page entitled "Math Tips From Yours Truly".

12-6-2011: Added a new link to the Career Path/Links Page: "http:helia.tk"; this Web site has another cartoon series about a girl named Helia who was born with no arms.

12-15-2011: Added & discovered a new math trick for the Math Trick Section: "Consecutive Integer Addition"! Also added a new blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page: "Skull Flowers in the Pipe" From "Polluting Paint"!

12-16-2011: I put dividers in the Extra Section to make things easier to find in this section. Did you have some difficulty finding stuff in this section? So did I! The stuff has been categorized into different subsets, too; now you'll know which stuff is related to each other. By the way, the laws of logic say it's okay for a subset to have only one member!

12-18-2011: I discovered a slight mistake in that "Consecutive Integer Addition" math trick I recently posted, so I fixed it; if you already seen it, you will know what the mistake was...

12-19-2011: Added a new blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page: "Earthworms Crushed Beneath the Feet & Between the Toes of 2 Playful Pressure Princesses" From "Earthworm Foot Massage 2"!

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