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1-3-2012: Added a new special flash file to the Extra Section. This file features Derek C. Jr. the principal character of the series; if you click on him, he turns a switch to show you how a rainbow looks in grayscale(black & white). I also added more text on the answer page for my "Area of a 2-Dimensional Heart" puzzle.

1-5-2012: I edited the Extra Section to make it look better in more Web browsers such as Safari & Firefox. It at least looked good in Internet Explorer, but in Safari & Firefox, it looked kind of wacky. If you have Safari or Firefox, you should know what I'm talking about.

1-9-2012: Added a link to my Wordpress blog in the Extra Section.

1-12-2012: Added a new commentary about the full-length comic strip: "Pizza Panic" in the Extra Section. I would like you to check out the venn diagram there! I also brightened the star symbol pattern on this page to make this text easier to read!

1-16-2012: I moved the Ambiguous Spinning Disco Ball from the Mini-Animations Page to the Special Flash File Subset in the Extra Section since it has no moving characters in it. It was breaking that rule about characters doing something interesting; the disco ball is the only thing moving in that animation. The principal character just points at it but is frozen in time.

1-18-2012: Added a new page to the Extra Section that has information about the anthropomorphic bug characters of the cartoon series: "Bigger Bugs!"; you can find it in the Character Information Subset. There is also a bonus animation to see there!

2-10-2012: Added a new greeting card to the Greeting Cards Page: "Maryanne Wipes Away Card Symbols Except the Hearts"!

2-22-2012: Added a new feature to the Extra Section! It's a magic photo of Principal character Derek C. Jr. & Alice P. Liddell of Alice in Wonderland standing in front of the castle in the Bonusworld amusement park! You can find it in the Special Flash File Subset.

3-26-2012: I had to re-upload that special flash file about how a rainbow looks in grayscale(black & white) back into the Extra Section since I accidentally removed it in the previous update. Sorry, folks.

4-21-2012: The Still Image/Pocket Joke Section now has at least 200 cartoons! Created Still Image/Pocket Joke Page #9 since #8 is finally full, but it's under construction. Also made a change to the Comic Strip Section: I put the comics in an ordered list for each page. Maybe that will make the stories easier to find, and help keep count. Finally, added a new game to the Puzzles & Games Page: "Dick the Donut Divider", but I'm still working on it. It'll be ready for playing soon.

4-27-2012: To make the dates of updates easier to find in this section, I categorized the dates by year, and made 1 page for each year. I also put hyperlinks to each subset in the Extra Section.

5-1-2012: "Dick the Donut Divider" is ready to be played!

5-2-2012: Discovered a new math trick for the Math Trick Section: "Squaring Square Matrices"! I also made the background pattern in that section 35% lighter so the text will be easier to read. (It was difficult to read in Firefox, wasn't it?)

5-9-2012: Still Image/Pocket Joke Page #9 is ready for viewing!

5-12-2012: Added 2 new features to the Extra Section: a Word document about events deleted from the cartoon series' actual history & an extra page with a joke!

5-14-2012: Added a new greeting card to the Greeting Cards Page: "Brain's Ironic Gift Search"!

5-22-2012: Added new animations to both the Mini-Animations Page & the Full-Length Animations Page: On the Minis' is "Graham & Mack's Race In A Motel of Complex Gravitation"; it even has a fixed camera version with it! And on the Full-Length Animations' is "Patience's Shoe Trick: The Extended Version"! I also added a new feature on the Full-Length Animations Page; now you'll know which animation is the longest, and which one was previously the longest!

6-7-2012: Added a new animation to the Full-Length Animations Page: "Burning Behind"!

6-27-2012: I changed the color of the text in the solution for "Musical Logic" from black to red, since black text is very difficult to read in that fancy, piano key background. (Solution is another word for answer in case you don't know.)

7-8-2012: Added 3 more links to the Career Path/Links Page: "www.hubworld.com", "www.cartoonworld.org", & "www.ladylovelylocks.org"!

7-17-2012: I made the Comic Strip Section more convenient by adding hyperlinks to the next & previous pages for each page! (I should have did that in the first place when I launched this Website.) I also added a link to "www.alice-in-wonderland.net" on the Career Path/Links Page!

7-19-2012: Added a Special Flash File to the Extra Section: "Water Warning"! It tells you something you should know about printing out these cartoons...

7-24-2012: Added a new puzzle game to the Puzzle & Games Page! It's the sequel to "Movie Math: A Quiz of Animations!": "Movie Math 2", but it's slightly more difficult.

7-27-2012: Added 2 new blooper animations to the Outrageous Outtakes Page: "Sally & Faye's Clumsy Day" From "Footloose Females", & "Never-ending Notes" From "Pressure Princess"!

7-30-2012: Added a new page to the Extra Section: "Character Transformation & Evolution"! You can find it in the Character Information Subset.

8-10-2012: Added a new page to the Extra Section: "What Burger Says To Ice Queens"! You can find it in the Special Joke Subset.

8-23-2012: Added a new blooper animation to the Outrageous Outtakes Page: "Umbrella Oddity" From "Patience's Shoe Trick: The Extended Version"!

8-27-2012: Discovered a new math trick for the Math Trick Section: "Delightful Division"! I also fixed the answer page to the puzzle: "Mass Multiplication or Wacky Weight-Changing Women" so that you can click on the decimals to see them as fractions. Finally, I added a hyperlink to a Web page that teaches you the names of really big numbers: "http://www.isthe.com/chongo/tech/math/number/howhigh.html"

9-3-2012: I shrank the image of the 36 major(primary) characters on the Index Page so you will more likely see the text below it sooner when visiting the site.

10-1-2012: Added 2 new mini-animations to the Mini-Animations Page: "Alice L. Vs. A Forkman!" & "Penny Pincher & the Giant Teddy Bear"!

10-8-2012: Added 2 new mini-animations to the Mini-Animations Page: "Michelle Lipstick & the Rubber Ducky Again!" & "Michelle Lipstick & the Rubber Ducky Again!(The Close-Up of Her Feet)"

10-13-2012: Updated the "What Burger Says To Ice Queens" page in the Extra Section; I added 2 more ice queen jokes!

10-15-2012: Added a new specially animated musical mini-comic strip to the Extra Section: "A Horny Joke!" You can find it in the Special Flash File Subset.

11-2-2012: Discovered a new math trick for the Math Trick Section: "Nifty Number Nine & Its Multiples"!

11-9-2012: Added a new special Web page to the Math Tricks Section: "Moral Confusion & the Morality Paradox"! See the truth table to find out why I call it a paradox, but please know the laws of logic for the sake of your own sanity...I also added a hyperlink in the Career Path/Links Page to "http://www.fallacyfiles.org."-a Web site about logical fallacies.

11-19-2012: Still Image/Pocket Joke Page #9 is now full, so I created Still Image/Pocket Joke Page #10, but it's under construction.

11-28-2012: Added 2 new puzzles to the Puzzles & Games Page: "4 Growing Girls" & "Derek's Pizza Party"!

12-8-2012: You can now see the total number of puzzles/games on the menu of the Puzzles & Games Page. Ditto with the Mini-Animations Page.

12-17-2012: I uploaded the very last rough draft cartoon I ever drew in the rough draft version of this cartoon series for you viewers to check out. Actually, since I beautified it with Photoshop, it's not exactly a rough draft anymore, is it?

12-23-2012: Added a new greeting card for Christmas on the Greeting Cards Page: "Sweet Christmas" starting Graham Cracker the Gingerbread Man!

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