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1-11-2023: I added a preview for the full-length comic strip entitled: "Bedridden Burger" on the Full-Length Comic Strip Preview Page! You can find a link there in the Full-Length Comic Strip Section.

2-9-2023: I created a special Web page starring Devon Cyannus Jr. the sister of the principal character Derek Cyannus Jr., which can be found in the Character Information Subset of the Extra Section. I had to do this to honor my sister Devon Denise Cumberbatch who sadly passed away after losing her rematch with breast cancer on January 30th this year. (She beat it in 2020, but it somehow returned with a vengeance yesteryear!) May she rest in peace & her spirit will live on in this character that I named after her.

2-14-2023: Still Image/Pocket Joke #26 is finally full with 25 cartoons & this section as a whole finally has 650 cartoons, so I'll be taking a long, well-deserved break from that section to celebrate! Besides, I think I want to spend the majority of the time this year making new greeting cards & any puzzle games I think of. And of course I'll be studying numbers some more to post at least 3 more math tricks! So please stay tuned & keep visiting!

3-17-2023: I uploaded a new greeting card to the Greeting Cards Page for St. Patrick's Day: "A Crab Pinches Mack the Mouse Although He's Wearing A Green T-Shirt!"

3-24-2023: Added a new mini-animation to the Mini-Animations Page: "Curvy Cuteness!" It's available in Quicktime format & the animation is silent.

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