4 Growing Girls

Difficulty: Easy

The line chart above shows how much the 4 characters weighed thru the years 1992-2000 (In 2-year intervals):


  1. Who was always the heaviest?
  2. Who was always the lightest?
  3. How much weight did Sally gain between 1996 & 2000?
  4. How much weight did Tina gain between 1992 & 1998?
  5. How much weight did Candy gain between 1994 & 1998?
  6. How much weight did Sabrina gain between 1992 & 2000?
  7. How much did all 4 girls weigh together in 1992? 1994? 1996? 1998? 2000? What are the averages?

Hint: For the weight-gaining questions, subtract how much the girl weighed in the earlier year from how much she weighed in the later year. For the 7th & final question, simply add the weight of all 4 girls for each year, then divide by 4 for the average.

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