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Here are some puzzles to solve! Are you a genius? If you are, they shouldn't be so hard for you! Some puzzles or games show numerical data about the characters, while others show you images with clues you can use to solve the puzzle.

These puzzle games come in 5 difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, & Very Hard! (Adjustable means that you can change the difficulty of the puzzle somehow or it changes gradually.)

Oh, and there are a few Flash games to check out, too!

Math helps you solve puzzles! Click here to see the math tricks!

There are currently 107 puzzles/games. They are categorized by year.

Note: Some of these games require Flash software to work. If you don't have Flash software, then a game might not show on your computer screen... However, if you have the right kind of software, then maybe you'll be able to see every game! If you have a MAC, I suggest you get Elmedia Video Player!

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Alphabetizing the Months of the Year Starring Quentin Clockwise Difficulty: Very Easy NEW!


Quarter Queens Difficulty: Easy


Social Distancing Math Problem Difficulty: Medium

Cross-Name Puzzle Difficulty: Easy

Hole Havoc Difficulty: Very Easy


Squashington Sextuplets' 3rd Color Matching Game Difficulty: Very Easy

Who's Missing in This Cartoon? Difficulty: Very Easy

Brain's Arithmetic Table Difficulty: Easy


Dr. Foolish's Data Pies Difficulty: Medium

Penny Pincher's Pedal Petting! Difficulty: Adjustable

Appendage Antics 3! Difficulty: Easy

Freaky Flashlights! Difficulty: Very Easy

Miss IBM's Alternative Addition! Difficulty: Adjustable

Watergirl's Pipe Maze Difficulty: Very Easy


Musical Logic 7: Shake Sake Difficulty: Very Easy

Counting Kookiness 10: The Puzzle Version of Danielle Lipstick & the Teddy Bear Difficulty: Hard

Counting Kookiness 9: Lavatory Ladies Difficulty: Hard

Mr. Two's Cross Number Puzzle Difficulty: Medium

Lady Fingersandtoes' Left or Right? Difficulty: Very Easy

Dr. Foolish & Alice Liddell's Binary Puzzle Difficulty: Medium


Another 2 Similar Pictures Difficulty: Very Easy

Counting Kookiness 8: Looney, Lipsticky Marks! Difficulty: Very Easy

Weight Vs. Strength: The Puzzle Difficulty: Very Easy

Inversion of the Sexes: The Puzzle Difficulty: Easy

Sex Ratios 2 Difficulty: Medium

Maxie Mumsecurity's Button Guessing Game: The Advanced Version! Difficulty: Medium


Appendage Antics 2! Difficulty: Very Easy

Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes' Weight Puzzle Difficulty: Easy

Penny Pincher's Pen-Picking Puzzle! Difficulty: Medium

Braille Brouhaha Difficulty: Medium

Inverted Images Difficulty: Very Easy

Fire, Water, Grass!: The Easier Version Difficulty: Medium


Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes' Name Search Difficulty: Medium

Movement-Matching Movies Difficulty: Hard

Michelle Lipstick's Time-Reversal Tie-Up! Difficulty: Very Hard!


The Lipstick Sisters Cousins' Weight Difficulty: Easy

Counting Kookiness 7: Frosty Female Footprints Difficulty: Very Easy

Appendage Antics! Difficulty: Very Easy

Maxie Mumsecurity's Button Guessing Game! Difficulty: Easy

Counting Kookiness 6: Earthworm Algebra Difficulty: Medium

Alice Liddell's Size Line Graph Difficulty: Easy

Penny Pincher's Icy Boost Blocks Difficulty: Medium

Calvin's Kooky Cogs Difficulty: Very Easy

Flipping Digits Puzzle Difficulty: Easy

Alice Liddell's Catapult Stomp Slumber Party! Difficulty: Very Easy


Counting Kookiness 5 Difficulty: Easy

Musical Logic 6: Measurement March! Difficulty: Easy

Counting Kookiness 4 Difficulty: Medium

Tinkerbell's Font Match Name Puzzle Difficulty: Hard

Weight Vs. Mass or Great Gravities! Difficulty: Medium

Sabrina Pixie's Shoe Size Difficulty: Medium

Candy Stripes & the Plugs Difficulty: Easy

Musical Logic 5: Foot-Tapping Formula Difficulty: Medium

Musical Logic 4: Tempo Timing Difficulty: Easy

Squashington Sextuplets' 2nd Color Matching Game Difficulty: Easy

Squashington Sextuplets' Weight Difficulty: Very Easy

Squashington Sextuplets' Color Matching Game Difficulty: Easy

Who's In & Who's Out Difficulty: Very Hard!

Counting Kookiness 3 Difficulty: Very Easy

Counting Kookiness 2 Difficulty: Hard

Danielle Lipstick's Banana Sequence Game Difficulty: Medium

Sex Ratios Difficulty: Medium

Calvin & Drake's Sprint Difficulty: Medium

Parallel Universes of Patience's Opinions Difficulty: Easy

Movie Math 5 Difficulty: Medium

Counting Kookiness Difficulty: Very Easy


The Lipstick Sisters' Pedal Pumping Matching Mash Difficulty: Medium

Movie Math 4 Difficulty: Easy

Musical Logic 3: the 12 Days of Christmas Difficulty: Easy

Match the Broken Images With the Originals Difficulty: Very Easy

The Length of 12 of the Brass Ladies' Feet Difficulty: Very Easy

Movie Math 3 Difficulty: Easy

Miss One's Cross-Number Puzzle Difficulty: Medium


Movie Math 2 Difficulty: Easy

Dick the Donut Divider Difficulty: Easy

4 Growing Girls Difficulty: Easy

Derek's Pizza Party Difficulty: Very Easy


Movie Math: A Quiz of Animations! Difficulty: Very Easy

Sex Probability Puzzle Difficulty: Very Hard!

Musical Logic 2: Music Match-Up Difficulty: Hard


Musical Logic Difficulty: Medium

Mass Multiplication or Wacky Weight-Changing Women Difficulty: Medium

Which Movies Are Yo-yos? Difficulty: Very Easy

Which Movies Are Yo-yos? II Difficulty: Very Easy


Pizza Percentage Difficulty: Easy

Area of a 2-Dimensional Heart Difficulty: Hard

The 10 Digits In Alphabetical Order Difficulty: Very Easy


Little Lego Ladies Difficulty: Medium

Derek & the Dangerous Dice Difficulty: Medium

Momerath Memory CCW Difficulty: Adjustable

Gasoline Graphs Difficulty: Medium

Spider Squashers! Difficulty: Easy


Archy's Maze Difficulty: Easy

Maze of the Sexes Difficulty: Hard

The 6 Annie Sisters' Race Difficulty: Hard

2 Similar Pictures Difficulty: Very Easy

Comic Strip Puzzle Difficulty: Very Hard!

Danielle's Pedal Game Difficulty: Adjustable

Fire, Water, Grass! Difficulty: Hard

Box Puzzle Difficulty: Medium

Bonnie Saturns' Wires Difficulty: Easy

Alice & the Magic Bridge Difficulty: Very Easy

Sourpuss Awards Difficulty: Easy

Marble Collecting Contest Difficulty: Medium

Shoe Logic Difficulty: Very Easy

Perspective Puzzle Difficulty: Easy

Momerath Memory Difficulty: Adjustable

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