Musical Logic 5: Foot-Tapping Formula

Difficulty: Medium

In the animation below, when you click the Play button, Dottie taps her prehensile feet, with those flowers between her toes, to the tune entitled "10 Little Indians". (Or maybe to make the name more appropriate for the cartoon, we can rename it "10 Little Toes On Her Feet"!)

All you need to do to solve this puzzle is calculate(or count) how many times Dottie taps her feet through out the entire tune. In other words, how many foot taps does she do total when the music ends?

Here's the formula for the calculation:

Tempo = Total Foot Taps ÷ Time

Time = Total Foot Taps ÷ Tempo

Total Foot Taps = Time × Tempo

The tempo of the music is 120 beats per minute, & the tune is 58 seconds long. Therefore, Dottie does 120 foot taps per minute; however, 1 minute = 60 seconds, which means what?

Give up? Click here for the answer!

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