Penny Pincher's Pen-Picking Puzzle!

Difficulty: Medium

In the animations hyperlinked below, Penny Pincher wears her bikini. She is in her bedroom & picks up any of the 4 pens in her cup with her toes. In each animation, she picks up the pens in a specific order. She'll pick up the same pen more than once, but not before grabbing another one first.

Each pen is a different color from another. The 1st is indigo, the 2nd one is turquoise, the 3rd one is dark red & the 4th one is deep dark olive or greenish brown. The series slips show the number of grabs in each series of the animations; the colors of the pens grabbed are ordered from left to right respectively. (Meaning that the leftmost one is the 1st one grabbed.)

Use those colors to match the animations with the series slips of pen grabs. (If you're colorblind, you won't be able to solve this puzzle. Sorry!)

Animation #1

Animation #2

Animation #3

Animation #4

Animation #5

Animation #6

Hint: If you have a strong memory, that will help make this puzzle easier for you!

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