Movement-Matching Movies

Difficulty: Hard

Dottie Doll & Penny Pincher star in this movement matching puzzle! Examine their outfits. They both wear thong sandals on their feet & of course, they're in different colors. You'll need to use those colors to solve this puzzle. (If you're colorblind, there are other clues you can use...)


In the 2 columns of movies below, can you match the pairs in which Dottie & Penny do the exact same foot-moving, button-pressing-or-caressing sequences? Movie Column A is Dottie's & Movie Column B is Penny's.

Movie Column AMovie Column B

Movie Row 1
Movie Row 2
Movie Row 3
Movie Row 4
Movie Row 5
Movie Row 6
Movie Row 7

Hint: Observe the actions & movements of Dottie's & Penny's feet closely in each movie. The sequence 1 girl does with her foot in a movie must match a movie in the other column exactly!

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