Squashington Sextuplets' 2nd Color Matching Game

Difficulty: Easy

The Squashington Sextuplets (or the 6 Annie Sisters as they like to call themselves) wear their urban goth outfits in the 6 animations below. Notice the colors of the outfits. (I hope you're not colorblind, because the colors are the major clue of this puzzle!) They each stomp & then pet the teddy bear & toy goomba with their feet in each animation. However, they take turns; each animation shows a specific permutation.













And here are the animations(Please select one to view):

Permutation #1

Permutation #2

Permutation #3

Permutation #4

Permutation #5

Permutation #6

Observe the order of the Squashington Sextuplets in each animation. Who gets to step on the 2 toys 1st? 2nd? 3rd? 4th? 5th? 6th & last? (After the final sextuplet gets her turn, the animations repeat back to the 1st one!)

Hint: There are 720 possible permutations, but I only picked 6 of them so that each girl gets to goes 1st in each animation! (For example: If Annie goes 1st in 1 animation, then she doesn't go 1st in the other 5.)

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