Inversion of the Sexes: The Puzzle

Difficulty: Easy

For this puzzle, 12 characters who appeared in the "Inversion of the Sexes" episode and/or its sequel: "Gender Bender Mender Galaxy" have been chosen to appear in this puzzle! 6 males, 6 females, to keep this puzzle gender-balanced. They appear in their natural genders in the left column & their opposite genders in the right column. However, their opposite sex counterpart forms are NOT in the correct rows!

Can you recognize all 12 of these characters in their opposite sexes to match them to the images of their natural sexes?

Hint: Look very closely at their faces & other familiar traits. What's masculine in 1 character's picture will be feminine in that character's opposite sex counterpart form picture. (And of course vice versa)

Natural GendersOpposite Genders
1. Derek Cyannus Jr. [male] ??? [female]
2. Devon Cyannus Jr. [female] ??? [male]
3. Burger Food [male] ??? [male]
4. Dr. John Von Foolish [male] ??? [male]
5. Danielle Lipstick [female] ??? [female]
6. Crayonman AKA Carlton Marker [male] ??? [female]
7. Blackie Tar [male] ??? [female]
8. Candy Stripes [female] ??? [male]
9. Sabrina Pixie [female] ??? [male]
10. Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) [female] ??? [female]
11. Don Demonvark [male] ??? [male]
12. Maryanne Maidenson [female] ??? [female]

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