Tinkerbell's Font Match Name Puzzle

Difficulty: Hard

The letters scrambled in the image above spell names of memorable characters in this cartoon series - Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. They are all first names except that 1 of the names is Tinkerbell's middle name! Of course all of the uppercase letters are the initials of each name, but your mission is to find all of the lowercase letters of the same font & color to spell a character's name.

There are 14 names to find in this puzzle; 8 female, 6 male. Some characters' names are in the same color but different fonts, & vice versa! Can you find them all?

Hint: Look closely at the letters to examine which fonts they're in; fonts can be determined by similar shapes or styles of different letters. If the color is also the same, then the letters are in the same name!

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