Counting Kookiness 8: Looney, Lipsticky Marks!

Difficulty: Very Easy

In the image above, these 5 sexy female characters: Sabrina, Penny, Lady, Michelle & Chantelle (from left-to-right respectively) kissed the viewing canvas. You can see lipsticky kiss marks all over the image! But the marks are not all the same color. If you look at the characters' mouths, you can see which colors of lipstick they're wearing on their lips.

{Sabrina wears red lipstick, Penny wears purple lipstick, Lady wears pink lipstick, Michelle wears lavender lipstick & Chantelle wears gold lipstick.}

Your mission is to count how many times each character kissed the canvas. Look at the colors of the lipsticky kiss marks to count:

  1. How many times Sabrina kissed the canvas?
  2. How many times Penny kissed the canvas?
  3. How many times Lady kissed the canvas?
  4. How many times Michelle kissed the canvas?
  5. How many times Chantelle kissed the canvas?
  6. How many times was the canvas kissed total?

Note: If you're colorblind, then just count how many kiss marks there are total; the answer page will tell you how many times each character kissed the canvas.

By the way, you can also see this image somewhere in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section with the title in the image!

Give up? Click here for the answer!

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