Lady Fingersandtoes' Left or Right?

Difficulty: Very Easy

In the 6 animations below, Lady Fingersandtoes wears her J-Pop outfit & taps either her left foot or her right foot, but only 1 foot at a time, wearing any 1 of her 3 pairs of boots:

The animations are lettered. To solve this puzzle, you only need to correctly answer these 3 questions below...


  1. Which animations does Lady tap her left foot in?
  2. Which animations does Lady tap her right foot in?
  3. Which pair of boots does she wear in which animations?


Movie A

Movie B

Movie C

Movie D

Movie E

Movie F

Hint: Imagine Lady Fingersandtoes barefoot so her toes would be visible. The foot thumbs would tell you which foot is the left one or the right one. (The foot thumb is commonly called the big toe!) Click this sentence for an even stronger clue!

Give up? Click here for the answer!

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