Weight Vs. Mass or Great Gravities!

Difficulty: Medium

The table below tells you the weight & mass of selected female characters of the cartoon series; however, some of the information is missing! Can you use some of the information printed here to figure out the missing information?

Character's AppearanceCharacter's NameEarth WeightPhotonis WeightMass
Susan105 lbs.35 lbs.?
Sally130 lbs.?59.090909 kg.
Candy125 lbs.41.6666667 lbs.?
Goldilocks118 lbs.?53.636363 kg.
Alice?36.6666667 lbs.50 kg.
Michelle??63.636363 kg.
Dottie?50 lbs.?
Patience123 lbs.??
Penny90 lbs.30 lbs.?

(Characters weren't drawn to scale)

You must know this formula to solve this puzzle:

Weight = mass × gravity

The gravity of the planet Earth is 2.2 pounds/kilogram since 1 kilogram of mass weighs 2.2 pounds on Earth. Photonis is 1/3 the size of Earth, so its gravity is 1/3 as strong. In other words, Photonis' gravity is .7333333 pounds/kilogram. (Yes, it's a recurring decimal!) Gravity itself can also be measured in a weight-to-mass ratio, which I made up. The weight-to-mass ratio of Earth's gravity is 11:5; The weight-to-mass ratio of Photonis' gravity is 11:15, which is 1/3 as much.

That should be enough information for you to solve the puzzle. Just multiply a character's mass by the weight-to-mass ratio of Earth's or Photonis' gravity to find out how much she weighs on either planet! If the mass is unknown, divide her weight by the weight-to-mass ratio of a planet's gravity.

You could print the correct answers in fractions, but let's stick with decimals for this puzzle; feel free to use a calculator if necessary!

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