The Answer to Weight Vs. Mass or Great Gravities!

The information highlighted in yellow was missing:

Character's AppearanceCharacter's NameEarth WeightPhotonis WeightMass
Susan105 lbs.35 lbs.47.727272 kg.
Sally130 lbs.43.3333333 lbs.59.090909 kg.
Candy125 lbs.41.6666667 lbs.56.818182 kg.
Goldilocks118 lbs.39.3333333 lbs.53.636363 kg.
Alice110 lbs.36.6666667 lbs.50 kg.
Michelle140 lbs.46.6666667 lbs.63.636363 kg.
Dottie150 lbs.50 lbs.68.1818182 kg.
Patience123 lbs.41 lbs.55.909091 kg.
Penny90 lbs.30 lbs.40.909091 kg.

You could also solve for a character's weight on Photonis by dividing her Earth weight by 3. If you already know the Photonis weight but not the Earth weight, then multiply by 3. Susan & Penny's given weight info was a clue to that! (90 ÷ 30 = 105 ÷ 35 = 3)

What the weight-to-mass ratio of gravity means is that there is a certain amount of weight for each unit of mass. In this case, there's a certain number of pounds for each number of kilograms. Rephrasing what was typed on the puzzle page, there are 11 pounds for every 5 kilograms on the planet Earth; there are 11 pounds for every 15 kilograms on the planet Photonis.

Dr. Foolish: I’ll tell you a bonus math fact! Multiplying by a number is the same as dividing by its reciprocal & vice versa!

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