Counting Kookiness 6: Earthworm Algebra

Difficulty: Medium

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This animation above is the silent version of "Earthworm Foot Massage"; you can also find the audible version on the Mini-Animations Page. These trays each have 200 worms inside, massaging Danielle & Michelle's feet. Danielle accidentally smashed all the worms in her tray after getting too excited about the tingly feeling she liked under her feet! But Michelle generously gives Danielle some of the worms from her tray. (You can count how many scoops she made with her prehensile foot if you view the animation.) She grabbed the exact same number of worms in each scoop, too.

According to the action in the scene, how many worms...

  1. Did Michelle give Danielle after Danielle accidentally smashed all of the worms she had in her tray?
  2. Did Michelle have left in her tray, undernearth her feet after she gave some to Danielle?
  3. Did Danielle grab with her prehensile feet?
  4. Did Michelle grab with her prehensile feet?
  5. Were left in Danielle's tray after she grabbed the worms Michelle gave her? (Don't count the dead worms in this question!)

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