Counting Kookiness 7: Frosty Female Footprints

Difficulty: Very Easy

This is the 1st panel from the "Women Vs. Winter" cartoon in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section, except that the word balloons were excluded for this puzzle. At their feet, you can see the 1st names of these 4 characters. Each one stepped on the snow & made all the footprints you see in the picture. According to the shoe styles they're wearing, how many questions can you answer correctly below?


  1. How many of Chantelle's footprints are in the picture?
  2. How many of Cinderelle's footprints are in the picture?
  3. How many of Danielle's & Michelle's footprints are in the picture?
  4. How many footprints are in the picture total?

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