Sex Probability Puzzle

Difficulty: Very Hard!

Dr. Foolish discovered the math formula for finding the probability of having a number of girls(or boys) in a family depending on how many children are born. As you can see, it's a college level math formula; you have to use the combination function in this formula. By the way, "#NUM!" is an error message; it means that if s > n, then you can't have that many girls!(or boys!) For example: if you have 4 children, then you can't have 5 girls!(Because 5 > 4.)

The chart only goes up to 5 children, but what if 6 children were born in a family?

What's the probability that the family will have:

  1. No girls at all?
  2. 1 girl?
  3. 2 girls?
  4. 3 girls?
  5. 4 girls?
  6. 5 girls?
  7. 6 girls?

Hint: I suggest you use a TI-83 Calculator to solve this!

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