Appendage Antics 2!

Difficulty: Very Easy

Observe the animation of Lady Fingersandtoes & Pixelman above. Notice how Lady uses her appendages. When she gets to a table, she puts Pixelman on the table & has each pair of appendages switch roles! According to the animation, which of the statements below are true or false?


  1. All of the tables are round.
  2. Lady Fingersandtoes eventually bumps into a wall.
  3. Pixelman moves on his own at some point in this animation.
  4. Lady Fingersandtoes grabs & carries Pixelman with her feet & walks on her hands after every odd-numbered table; after every even-numbered table, she grabs & carries him with her hands & walks on her feet.
  5. Lady Fingersandtoes stays barefoot.
  6. Pixelman eventually gets put on the floor.

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