Miss IBM's Alternative Addition!

Difficulty: Adjustable

The character pictured above is Miss IBM. She's a robot that Dr. John Von Foolish built in his early 20's, plus she's a member of the Weird Gang AKA the Extraordinares. She's holding a plus sign in her hand to remind you of the arithmetic operation used in each math problem below. But pay attention because the digits change every second!

Each math problem appears on her screen; notice the grayish green color of her screen where her face appears in the image above. Can you correctly answer all 8 of these math problems with changing digits?

Problem #1

Problem #2

Problem #3

Problem #4

Problem #5

Problem #6

Problem #7

Problem #8

Hint: The digits in the ones' columns go up by 1 in the top addend & go down by 1 in the bottom addend. Depending on how many digits there are, the tens' column digits might change, too! But only if the next number requires it. At some point, the addends reset back to their 1st numbers & then repeat.

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