Derek & the Dangerous Dice

Difficulty: Medium

Our principal character Derek C. Jr. jumped down a warp pipe and found an underground maze with one of the trophies that the Blueworld Villains stole from him & his friends! It's at the end of the maze! However, there are 5 giant dangerous dice rolling along the lavender squares! One of the 6 sides of each cube has a hole thru it, so Derek won't be squished if he stands on the right squares. Can you guess which of the lavender squares are safe for Derek to stand on?

P.S.: The Dangerous Dice can't roll over the striped spaces or the checkered spaces.

You can use this dice net as a clue. If you print it out, then you can fold it into a cube!

The Dangerous Dice always roll 90 degrees towards the next square.

Note: On real dice, if you add the numbers of dots on parallel sides, the sum is always 7; however, when I created this puzzle game, I didn't know that fact yet; so the dice of this cartoon puzzle doesn't follow that rule unfortunately!

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