Alice Liddell's Size Line Graph

Difficulty: Easy

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Alice has a hyperactive growth hormone that causes her to change size depending on what she eats. High-calorie foods make her grow, low-calorie foods make her shrink and medium-calorie foods help maintain her current size. Cookies, for example, are high-calorie foods; so they make Alice grow. Carrots are low-calorie foods, so if she eats a carrot, she shrinks. By the way, she can use condiments to prevent unwanted size-changing.

This line graph shows how Alice's size changed during a 2-hour adventure she had in Wonderland one day. Thru the quarter-hours, if you look at the gridlines & points closely, how tall was she during these periods? Also, how much taller or shorter she got between the periods?

Hint: Alice's normal height is 67 inches. She was her normal height at 12:00 PM when her adventure began; after all that size-changing, she returned to her normal height when her adventure ended at 2:00 PM, according to the graph!

Another Hint: The major gridline unit is 12; the minor gridline unit is 2.

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