Which Movies Are Yo-yos?

Difficulty: Very Easy

You know that a yo-yo is a round toy with a string that rolls back to your hand if it's tied on your finger, right? Well a movie that looks exactly the same whether it's played forward or backward is also called a yo-yo!(starting from the 1st or last frame respectively) However, the first frame of the time loop doesn't always have to be Frame #1; it could be Frame #33. Any frame can be the time loop's reset point.

The following 8 movies are perfect time loops of Goldilocks playing with Archy Ant with her feet. But can you guess which movies are yo-yos, and how many yo-yos there are? Here's a quick tip: Try imagining the movies in reverse time.

Movie #1

Movie #2

Movie #3

Movie #4

Movie #5

Movie #6

Movie #7

Movie #8

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