Counting Kookiness 2

Difficulty: Hard

Below are links to animations of Tina Nanno crushing or petting aluminum cans on a conveyor belt. She dresses the same way she did the Movie Math game series! And as such, she'll crush a can that says "ROACH", but pet a can that says "BUTTERFLY" (& not crush it) with her foot; she'll pet a can marked with a flashing question mark, with gentle foot taps, to reveal whether it's a roach or a butterfly. Observe the logic in the animation below:

If you can't see this animation on your Web browser, then click here to download it so you can still play this puzzle game!

This animation was also used in the Movie Math game series!

Can Line #1

Can Line #2

Can Line #3

Can Line #4

The goal of this puzzle game is to count the following:

  1. The number of cans that Tina crushed in each line
  2. The number of cans marked with flashing question marks in each line
  3. The number of cans that Tina petted with gentle foot taps in each line (including the ones that she then crushed since they were roaches hidden behind question marks!)
  4. The total number of cans in each line

Give up? Click here for the answer!

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