Weight Vs. Strength: The Puzzle

Difficulty: Very Easy

Cinderelle - the cleaning lady of the Lipstick Family - stars in this puzzle game! In the interactive animation below, you can pick between 3 snail shells & 3 gravity levels. Your goal is figure out which shell is the strongest, so it won't crack under Cinderelle's weight as she steps onto & stands on it, but the gravity level matters, too. Gravity Level #2 is the default level of gravity. (Earth's gravity, that is.)

Hint: Remember this physics formula:

Weight = Mass × Gravity

If you can't see this animation on your Web browser, then click here to download it so you can still play this puzzle game!

P.S.: Gravity Level #1 is Photonis' gravity (which is 1/3 of Earth's) & Gravity Level #3 is thrice or 3 times Earth's gravity! (Which is also 9 times Photonis')

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