Maxie Mumsecurity's Button Guessing Game: The Advanced Version!


Maxie wears her kimono again in this interactive Flash game below:

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The object of this game is guessing which button Maxie will press. She'll tease you a little by caressing the buttons, but she'll certainly press the last one she touches. However, in this more advanced version, she might not touch all 3 buttons! She'll probably touch any 2 of them, or just 1. So it's more difficult to guess which button Maxie will press this time!

You win the round if you guess correctly. The stragedy is watching where she moves her foot. After pressing 1 of the 3 buttons, Maxie will move her foot out of view so you can start a next round.

According to the 1st paragraph, there are 15 possible permutations to see. Maxie touches all 3 buttons in 6 of the permutations, any 2 of the 3 buttons in 6 permutations, & only 1 button in 3 permutations. Guessing the correct one for the current round wins the game. Otherwise, you lose since she tricked you!

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