Squashington Sextuplets' Color Matching Game

Difficulty: Easy

The Squashington Sextuplets (or the 6 Annie Sisters as they like to call themselves) wear their urban goth outfits in the 6 animations below. Notice the colors of the outfits. (I hope you're not colorblind, because the colors are the major clue of this puzzle!) They each do a special foot sequence with the teddy bear & toy goomba in each animation.













And here are the animations:

Animation #1

Animation #2

Animation #3

Animation #4

Animation #5

Animation #6

And here are the 3 questions you must answer:

  1. Which sextuplets appeared in which animations, according to the colors of their dresses & boots?
  2. Which 3 sextuplets tapped their feet on the floor at certain moments?
  3. Which 2 sextuplets did the exact same sequence?

Give up? Click here for the answer!

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