Musical Logic 2: Music Match-Up

Difficulty: Hard

In the map of CD's and videos below, are variations to a march tune called the C-D-E-F-G March. Devon, Danielle, Sabrina & Hilary play the music in the videos; Devon claps her hands, Danielle shakes 4 maracases, and Sabrina & Hilary both blow pretzel trumpets. However, each video has a different band combination; in other words, at least 1 band member plays her instrument in each video. (Excluded band members will be in silhouette!) The CD's play the same variations of the tune; each CD matches a variation played in a video. By listening carefully to the music(and the instruments the girls play), can you figure out which CD's match which videos?

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Additional Hint: Click on the boom box to hear how the music sounds without the characters playing their instruments, and feel free to use headphones to make the puzzle easier! (The boom box plays the accompaniment.) You can stop the boom box by clicking on its "Stop" button; it's the one with the rectangular symbol on it.

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