Who's In & Who's Out

Difficulty: Very Hard!

This puzzle game requires you to use some Boolean algebra! Just so you know, a character can be a member of 2 or more sets. Of the character sets chosen for this puzzle, the names of the sets are facts about the characters:

  1. Characters that appear in this cartoon series: Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond (because they're part of the cast!)
  2. Male characters (No females belong in this set!)
  3. Not 100% human (Part human, part something else, or not human at all!)

Sometimes, sets intersect as you can see in the image above, so if a character is a non-human male, then his name goes in the intersection of these 2 sets: "Male", "Not 100% human". But if he's not a member of the Blueworld Adventures cast, then his name doesn't belong inside the circle(set) named "In this cartoon series". What if the character is not a member of the Blueworld Adventures cast, female, and 100% human? Then her name belongs in the white area(outside all 3 of these sets).

Here is the list of 32 characters' names chosen randomly:

  1. Derek Cyannus Jr.
  2. Burger Meat Food
  3. Devon Cyannus Jr.
  4. Dr. John Von Foolish
  5. Wario
  6. Goldie Ellen Locks
  7. Princess Peach Toadstool
  8. Penny Pincher
  9. King Bowser Koopa
  10. Xavier Xtremer
  11. Olivia Spider
  12. Donkey Kong
  13. Dixie Kong
  14. Candy Mississippi Stripes
  15. Candy Kong
  16. Fudge Coco Stripes
  17. Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins
  18. Danielle Stephanie Lipstick
  19. Jem
  20. Lady Lovelylocks
  21. Tonka the Jeep
  22. Archy Micro Ant
  23. Sabrina Cecilia Pixie
  24. Tina Dorothy Nanno
  25. Blythe Baxter
  26. He-Man
  27. Patience Muffet
  28. Mad Hatter
  29. Cheshire Cat
  30. Alvin Seville
  31. Mickey Mouse
  32. Daisy Duck

Hint: The more characters you know in this list, the easier this puzzle will be for you!

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