Appendage Antics 3!

Difficulty: Easy


In the animation below, Danielle Lipstick, Penny Pincher & Lady Fingersandtoes(the 3 characters are pictured left-to-right respectively) pick lollipops out of a cup. There's 1 lollipop for each character to pick. Each lollipop comes in these 3 specific colors: Orange, Green & Purple. So there are 6 possible picking permutations, but which character grabbed which lollipop in which specific picking permutation?

And I almost forgot: Each girl grabs a lollipop with her prehensile foot! (They use the lefties!) I picked 3 characters of different skin colors so you'll know which foot belongs to which character.

After the final permutation, the animation will repeat back to the 1st one & you'll see each one after the other again.

Hint: It helps to have a good memory to solve this puzzle.

Warning: If you're colorblind, then you won't be able to play this puzzle game due to color being very important to the solution! Sorry!

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