Appendage Antics 3!

Difficulty: Easy


In the animation below, Danielle Lipstick, Penny Pincher & Lady Fingersandtoes(the 3 characters are pictured left-to-right respectively) pick lollipops out of a cup. There's 1 lollipop for each character to pick. Each lollipop comes in these 3 specific colors: Orange, Green & Purple. So there are 6 possible picking permutations, but which character grabbed which lollipop in which specific picking permutation?

And I almost forgot: Each girl grabs a lollipop with her prehensile foot! (They use the lefties!) I picked 3 characters of different skin colors so you'll know which foot belongs to which character.

If you can't see this animation on your Web browser, then click here to download it so you can still play this puzzle game!

After the final permutation, the animation will repeat back to the 1st one & you'll see each one after the other again.

Hint: It helps to have a good memory to solve this puzzle.

Warning: If you're colorblind, then you won't be able to play this puzzle game due to color being very important to the solution! Sorry!

Give up? Click here for the answer!

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