Sex Ratios

Difficulty: Medium

Some random cartoon images have been recycled for this puzzle game! There are 20 images. Your goal is to measure the sex ratio for each image. For example, if there are 15 female characters & 5 male characters, then the sex ratio is 3 females for each male, or 3:1. (Let's print the sex ratios as "female:male"; "male:female" is the reciprocal of course, so 1 male for 3 females is the same thing!)

Hint: Count all the characters in each image, then calculate. They're not all human, but the male characters look masculine & the female characters look feminine. (Surely, you can tell which is which, right?) If the number of females is a multiple or factor of the number of males, then the ratio can be simplified, like in the example used above. (15:5 = 3:1) Sometimes, the two numbers will have a common factor!

You can click on each image for a fuller view.


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