Counting Kookiness 5

Difficulty: Easy

In the animation below, Penny Pincher wears her bikini. She has magical healing power; she can heal people by kissing them, hugging them with her arms & legs, or by caressing them with her hands & even her feet! All she has to do is think a gentle thought, and then her pixie dust will heal whoever (or in this case, whatever) she touches! However, her magic can only regenerate organic matter. It works on fruits since they come from plants.

The fruit Penny plays with in this animation is called an incrediberry. Count:

  1. How many times she squishes the incrediberry
  2. How many times she pets the incrediberry with foot taps
  3. How many times she moves her foot out of the view

...Before the animation ends.

Hint: Concentrate on 1 action at a time and replay the animation as many times as necessary.

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