Counting Kookiness 9: Lavatory Ladies

Difficulty: Hard

At most 10 female characters of this cartoon series appear in the 3 animations of this puzzle game. You can view the animations by clicking on the hyperlinks below. The girls go into the women's bathroom of Photonis' space station, but some of them come back out before the animation ends. Each animation is 20 seconds long.

Animation #1

Animation #2

Animation #3

Can you correctly guess:

Hint: This puzzle game requires some good concentration & memory. The characters look different from each other so you will know which ones come back out before the end of each animation. Do count how many go into the bathroom & how many come back out.

[How many girls that go into the bathroom] - [How many that come back out] = [How many are left inside the bathroom]

According to the function, if 5 girls go into bathroom, but 2 come back out, then there are 3 left inside! You won't get to look inside the bathroom, besides, it would be perverted to watch what they're doing in there! So use your memory well, count & concentrate!

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