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Amicable Apples

Antigravity Vs. Gravity

Archy Ant Karate

Archy's Giantess Back Massage

Archy's Podophobia or I'll Be A Monkey's Aunt

Autograph Antics

Banana Bash 2

Birthday Joke

Blanket Ghostbusters

Boogie Fights

Burning Behind

A Car Cartoon

Cheerleader Challenges

Derek Disco

Derek's Surfing Craze


Earthworm Foot Massage 2

Evil Easter Eggs

Footloose Females

Footloose Females 2

Gentle Stomping Giantess

Goofy Guitar Girl

Hilary's Bath

Mega Molly

A Monkeyish Version of Jenga

Monster Truck Attack

Mr. Crazy's Rampage

Patience's Shoe Trick: The Extended Version

Planet Principles

Polluting Paint

Pressure Princess

Sabrina & Hilary's Card Game

Sabrina's Snack Attack

Super Soccer

Tonka & the Blockheads

Trophy Trek

When You Try Something New, Nothing's Boring

The Wormhole Generator

Zorbon: A Combination of Soccer & Billiards

The Longest Animation of the Series is:

Patience's Shoe Trick: The Extended Version

Length: 3 mins, 56.4 secs.

Previously, the Longest Animation was:

Trophy Trek

Length: 3 mins, 10.8 secs.

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