Outrageous Outtakes!

Bloopers of Scenes from the Epic Animations!

A blooper is an animation that makes fun of a scene that was used in the original animation. Bloopers have different, more absurd endings! It's a brand new way to see these cartoons! Select a blooper to view:

Note: To really enjoy watching the bloopers, it's recommended that you see the original animations first.

Note: The titles are alphabetized.

There are 17 blooper animations.


Apple Accident From "Amicable Apples"

Audible Interruptions From "E.A.R.T.H."Apple Accident

Card Catch From "Sabrina & Hilary's Card Game"

The Classic Broken Record Gag From "Boogie Fights"

Danielle's Prehensile Foot Dance From "Banana Bash 2"

Disco Disaster From "Derek Disco"

Earthworms Crushed Beneath the Feet & Between the Toes of 2 Playful Pressure Princesses From "Earthworm Foot Massage 2"

Goldie Excessively Pets Archy With Her Feet From "Archy's Podophobia or I'll Be A Monkey's Aunt"

Mr. Fool's Stubborn Remote/Devon's Vanishing Cream Wears Off Too Soon/Skating Goldilocks From "Trophy Trek"

Never-ending Notes From "Pressure Princess"

Practice Makes Perfect...or Does It? From "Archy Ant Karate"

Sabrina Fails to do Her Weight Trick/Musical Crush From "Gentle Stomping Giantess"

Sally & Faye's Clumsy Day From "Footloose Females"

Skull Flowers in the Pipe From "Polluting Paint"

Splinter in the Butt From "Cheerleader Challenges"

Technical Wipe-Out! From "Derek's Surfing Craze"

Umbrella Oddity From "Patience's Shoe Trick: The Extended Version"

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