Bathroom Bash!

Main Characters: Candy Stripes, Onio Vegetable Sr., Onio Vegetable Jr., & Garlic Vegetable

Summary: Onio & sons trick Candy into entering the wrong bathroom! After she & Dr. Foolish find out they pulled the nasty prank, the pranksters get punished!

A Short Commentary About This Lost Episode: The moral of this story is to be very careful about the pranks you play on other people. Actions you do have consequences that can get you in serious trouble! There are several reasons why public bathrooms are reserved for each gender. The most important reason is that males & females have different private parts which can interlock with each other and...well, that can have horrible consequences if it is done incorrectly! Also, have you noticed that the character Kooshy appeared in this lost episode? This was before he became a bad guy in Season 8! Why did he become a bad guy? That's another story...which you can read about somewhere in the Full-Length Comic Strip Section!

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