The Lost Episodes

My older, epic comic strip pencil drawings have been found! They are lost stories that weren't uploaded before creating the series finale! Despite their age, some of my older stories weren't bad. In fact, I picked the stories that I thought were the best I made in my youth.

I used my special skills in Photoshop to neaten them up, so the cartoons would be more pleasing to look at. Also, I had to scan every drawing I wanted to use. The titles of the Lost Episodes are alphabetized, as you can see here. (I also alphabetized them on the Episode List!)

Select an episode to view:

Also, here is some bonus information: My original ending phrase for my cartoons "Just a quickie!" was very often used in the first 3 seasons of my cartoon series. However, that phrase soon lost its freshness in Season 4 since the stories of the episodes gradually grew longer; they were too long to call "quickies" anymore! Anyway, you'll still see that phrase at the end of the lost episodes since they were originally going to be part of the first 2 seasons.

A bunch of oldies were thought up, so to save time, I also made truncated versions of the other rough draft stories I really liked; you can find them in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section. Unfortunately, life is a bit too short to draw the exact same cartoons over & over again from stratch, so making shorter final copies or duplicating images is a better idea! That's how technology benefits a cartoonist!

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