Penniless Pest

Main Characters: Olivia Spider & Alice Spider

Summary: Olivia & Alice meet an anthropomorphic bug beggar who pesters them for some money.

A Short Commentary About This Lost Episode: Begging isn't very polite. However, there are plenty of needy people in the world who are completely penniless or extremely poor. Olivia was kind enough to give the beggar bug at least 1 dollar. But his approach was a little bit rude. At least he was intentionally harmless. Be warned, because even if you are kind-hearted, some people will give you improper gratitude after you help them! Either they never learned any manners or are absolutely selfish & cruel. But it's their problem, not yours. Being poor gives them no excuse to steal money from other people or rob a bank; the police will still arrest them for their crimes. Some people just have to learn their lessons the hard way because they refuse to listen to advice. Not everyone learns exactly the same way, so if an ignorant person refuses to listen to your advice, let him/her learn the hard way; it's his/her misfortune.

P.S.: In the original rough draft, the beggar bug bumped into the tree stump, but that part was cut out because it was a bit of a showstopper.

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