Hypnotized Hamburger!

Main Characters: Burger Food & Sally B. Martin

Summary: Sally learns that she can hypnotize people, so she decides to use her newfound power on Burger! She tells him to beat himself up!

A Short Commentary About This Lost Episode: Sally used her hypnotism power to take away Burger's free will so she could control him. She was just about to hypnotize him into being more polite, but that wouldn't be true kindness because he would be under a spell. You want people to be your friends because they want to be your friends, not because they were under a spell; that's not true friendship or kindness. People are supposed to have their own free will, whether they're against you or not, or whether you like them or not. If you have to hypnotize them into being nice to you, then they're not your friends! True friends will be nice to you even if you don't hypnotize them!

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