Diner Dispute!

Main Characters: Burger Food, Onio Vegetable, & Mouse-Bill

Summary: Burger, Onio, & Mouse-Bill boycott a diner for having a "Ladies' Night", when ladies get everything for free but men still have to pay for service.

A Short Commentary About This Lost Episode: Sometimes in society, women get special treatment because they are the ones who give birth to children; unfortunately for men, society might even treat them like disposables & expect them to be "tough & manly". Stereotypes are the causes of unfair treatment between certain groups of people. However, they are just beliefs that are only partially true. One moral to the story of this lost episode is that not only can't you please everyone, but also, not everyone will try to please you! Burger, Onio, & Mouse-Bill were very displeased about the "Ladies' Night" thing; they thought it was an injustice against men. (Well, it seemed that way!) Anyway, there are more positive actions you can do, fortunately, when you're displeased about something. Often, critizing your host(s) may not convince him/her/them to change things to your liking. Sometimes, you just have to deal with it.

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