Some of the older rough drafts of the cartoon series had some historical events about the characters that didn't make much sense, or made the good characters seem too awful, stupid, incompetent, or whatever! Anyway, here are some events that were deleted from the actual history of Blueworld Adventures & why:

Here is the list of deleted events/episodes plus the conclusion with story-making tips:


Originally, the character Groundman AKA Grover Ravel was going to fear raccoons for a good reason: After a fight over an apple, a raccoon once bit his nose & gave him rabies! The terrible disease turned him into a shoe-burning, shoe store-destroying madman! And this bite was going to happen sometime after his transformation from his wish of immortality from Smokey the Genie of the 7 Mystical Candles. It was granted with a price; he became an earth elemental that must feel itchy footsteps on the ground within a 6-foot radius. Also, whenever Groundman falls asleep, he gets sucked into this pocket dimension & can only be awaked with magical G-shaped rocks. However, this madman persona from the rabies made him seem too detestable, plus his immortality would give him too much of an unfair advantage, (not to mention it would lengthen his misery eternally!) so I decided to delete this event from the series.


Burger & his pals the Hamburger Heavy Metallers were going to get so tired of the Brass Ladies that they were going to build their own club fort! The #1 rule of their club fort was going to be "No females allowed! (Especially the Brass Ladies!)" This rule made the Hamburger Heavy Metallers seem way too misogynistic! Besides, I wanted them to eventually form a truce with their rivals in the Weird Gang. Ironically, some of the Hamburger Heavy Metallers are female: Burger's big sister Cheeseburger Milky Food, Olivia Spider & her cousin Alice Spider, & Elizabeth Godzilla the Iguana. That misogynistic rule would also mean that these female members couldn't legally be in the club fort either! That would also include female members of their families, like their mothers! Gladly, I deleted this event from the series.


Kiteman AKA Kenny Quadrilateral was so cowardly, that he failed to save his wife Kitewoman AKA Kassandra Quadrilateral from the Blueworld Villains, so she was sliced in half by a machine with a chainsaw! Since he's too incompetent & irresponsible to be a superhero, the other characters don't like him too much. Feeling that nobody loves him, he was going to commit suicide & leave evidence of his death in an upcoming episode; however, the problem with this event is that suicide is not funny. Besides, the censors don't even allow suicide to be shown on television any more. If someone you love is in great danger, you should try to help him or her instead of run away like a coward; be brave, even if you're scared. Kiteman appeared in at least 1 cartoon already, but this event made him seem too cowardly, incompetent, & irresponsible for viewers to even like, so for the best, I deleted this tragedy for the series.


This deleted event is about another fired character! He was going to be cast as a tyrant who ruled the Number People with an iron fist! So the 7 Mystical Candles were used to imprison him in a pocket dimension. Eventually in high school, I learned that infinity itself doesn't count as a number. So for this character to be a number person, infinity has to be a number, which it isn't! This caused a slight contradiction to my logic. Also, my problem with this character is that with his colossal, number-related nightmare-creating powers, he would convince people to fear the whole idea of math, counting, & numbers! As a mathematician, I want to help numerophobes conquer their fear of math & numbers, not do the opposite! What kind of mathematician would I be if I didn't? Anyway, although this evil character wasn't completely invincible, he still had too much of an unfair advantage against the heroes. (George Peanut-Brain the Number Hater had his imaginary, "invincible" fistmen, but even they had at least 1 weakness, and the heroes changed history to prevent their existence!) Lord Infinity was powerful enough to break himself out of that pocket dimension, too, making him too godlike, so I deleted him & his whole history. By the way, he looked like this:

Archy Ant is a friend to both Tina Nanno & Sally B. Martin, but in a few deleted rough drafts, he was Tina's boyfriend or Sally's. (At least those deleted rough drafts said he was!) Anyway, he obviously wasn't in the same species with them. (He's an anthropomorphic ant & they're humans, so how could he be a human girl's boyfriend?) In one deleted episode, he broke Tina's heart when he was caught dating Sally at a theater! Then both girls were upset with him! In the end, with a little help from his other friends, he made up with them & they became his friends again. But if Archy can just simply be the girls' friend but not a boyfriend, then this whole mumbo-jumbo wouldn't even have to happen! So I figured I could simply delete that stupid episode!


In 2 deleted episodes from the rough drafts, Robert Martin Sr.-Burger's arch nemesis since Elementary School-captured his Foodlandian foe & put him in a grill so he & the rest of the Martins Family could eat him for dinner, during their cookout one summer afternoon. However, one member of the Martins Family-Robert Martin Jr.-chose to be a vegetarian, so instead of wanting to eat the unlucky character Burger, he wanted to save him from getting cooked. After young Robert Jr. rescued Burger, they became friends, but they had to keep this friendship a secret from the other members of the Martins Family. (This is how the 1st deleted episode ended) But in the 2nd deleted episode (which was a sequel to the 1st deleted one), Robert Jr. caught Burger beating up his [Robert's] sister Sally, so then he [Robert] had a reason to hate Burger, too! This is why the event didn't make enough sense: If the rest of his family hated Burger so much & told Robert Jr. why, wouldn't that discourage him from befriending Burger? Even if Robert Jr. is a vegetarian, it doesn't guarantee that he would want to be Burger's friend. By the way, Burger is a vegetarian, too, since he's a Foodlandian; there's a reason why Foodlandians can't consume meat & an episode in Season 6 explains more. I don't think anyone would want to befriend someone that his/her family doesn't trust or like, so I deleted this event from the series to prevent confusion in my audience. This not-so-logical event confused me, too!


This is the title of a deleted mini-comic strip. I deleted it because it started to create a conflicting contradiction to the 2nd episode of the 2nd chronicle: "Donkey Dyslexia". Jack "Asso" Donkey gave Derek C. Jr. a joke book mentioning how funny he thought it was, however, the "Donkey Dyslexia" story revealed that Jack is a poor reader since he has, you guessed it, dyslexia. So how could he read the jokes in the joke book so easily? There was another problem I had with this mini-comic: Derek C. Jr. threw the joke book in the trash because its jokes were related to women, so when some of the Brass Ladies walked by him in Moonsburg Park, they wouldn't see it. He's friends with all of the Brass Ladies, that created a bit of an irony, but the fact that the book was entitled: "202 Woman Jokes" still made the whole cartoon seem a bit too offensive to female viewers (at least I thought so!), so I deleted this event from the series, because I didn't think it was funny enough to be a fine cartoon. Although the woman-related jokes were not shown in the cartoon, I still didn't think it was very "safe" to publish.


This is the title of another deleted mini-comic strip. In this mini-comic, 3 of the Brass Ladies-Danielle Lipstick, Michelle Lipstick, & Patience Muffet-figure out that Burger is somewhat homosexual since he thinks men are more beautiful; they felt insulted by his comment about women using cosmetics but Derek C. Jr. was able to calm them down saying that it's just Burger's opinion. I already created enough cartoons relieving that Burger isn't such a woman-hater as most of the other characters think he is. I thought this cartoon was a bit funny at first, but after taking a few more looks at it, it seems to send a mixed-up, misogynistic message overall & then I suddenly didn't like it anymore! The message I was trying to send was that homosexuals don't necessarily dislike their opposite sexes, & that women don't really need cosmetics to be more beautiful. However, I'm not against women using cosmetics at all, in fact, I like it when they use cosmetics! It attracts me to them! (Okay, so I revealed that I'm heterosexual!) But the overall message of the cartoon was too mixed-up to understand completely, so I got rid of this cartoon.


This deleted event was about how Burger used to smoke. In the rough draft of course, the cigarettes made him cough a lot & that's why he quit smoking; he got tired of it! However, I learned that cigarettes have toxins in them, also, I already revealed some special information about the Foodlandians: they're immune to toxins. There are some diseases that Foodlandians are immune to that humans aren't immune to, and vice versa; there are also diseases that neither humans nor Foodlandians are immune to. It just so happens that Foodlandians are immune to poison. So since Burger is a Foodlandian, his immunity would allow him to smoke cigarettes without getting sick or coughing at all! But to have him smoke in my cartoons without getting sick would send a bad message to younger viewers. So for the best, I deteled this event from the series.


This deleted episode was going to introduce Steelie the Lab Machine into my cartoon series. (Derek Cyannus Jr. named him in the rough draft) Eventually, the Season 7 episode: "The Force Field" ended up introducing him into the masterpiece version of the series. Steelie was unfriendly to Derek Cyannus Jr., Sally Brittany Martin, & Blackie Tar in this rough draft story, since Dr. John Von Foolish forgot to program him to be friendly to his fellow club members. So Steelie used his power to drain their oxygen by sealing Dr. Foolish's lab airtight; however, Derek's blue fur provides him with oxygen so he can last longer without breathable air, but still needs it to survive. The problem with this scene was that Dr. Foolish's lab was so spacious, that it would take a very long time before all the breathable air is used up, causing the characters to die from suffocation. Derek shot a super can filled with bomb salsa at Steelie to stop him from killing Sally & Blackie, but then he had to explain what happened after Dr. Foolish returned. Steelie was rebuilt & reprogrammed to be friendlier, giving this rough draft episode a happy ending. However, I decided to exclude it from the series since the oxygen-draining scene was too difficult to explain; that created a tough problem in my narration.


In this deleted episode, Brain had to compete against Burger in a game show contest to win a vacation trip to Dollar Island. During the contest however, Brain used his mind-reading superpower(telepathy) to win; he even read Dr. John Von Foolish's mind to answer the questions before they were even asked! Brain was rewarded because John figured that he knew every correct answer to every question he was going to ask! (John was the game show host) In real life, this might be considered cheating, and cheaters are punished, not rewarded. If using telepathy is against the rules of a game show contest, then that would make Brain a cheater; so John would have to punish him instead of reward him, plus his opponent in the contest (Burger) would win by default. Either way, the ending of this deleted episode just confused me (Did Brain deserve to win or not?), I wasn't sure if the story really should have ended like that, so I deleted it to save my audience from the confusion I suffered.


Sally B. Martin was very upset & cranky in this deleted episode. She took out her frustration on poor Jack Donkey & Kloot the Cannonball Man! The part when Kloot bursts into tears was kind of funny, but now that I think about it, this episode made Sally seem a bit too mean. Besides, I forgot to reveal why she was so upset. Because of that, it was like she was mad at them for no apparent reason! It also made her look too immature. Plus, she refused to tell them why she was upset in this rough draft episode. I think I would rather add a cartoon in my masterpiece version of the cartoon series that encourages people to talk out their problems instead of one that tells people to keep them bottled up inside, making them angrier & their problems worse. Sally's behavior in this rough draft story set a bad example for some possible viewers, so I deleted it from the series. By the way, Sally was upset because she missed the ice cream truck!


In this rough draft episode, Burger felt so miserable about his bad reputation that he wished he was never born. Then, his guardian angel Buddy the Angel Bug appeared to show him how my cartoon world would be like if he never existed. After seeing that it was worse off without him, Burger changed his mind & was glad to exist to prevent such a tragic history, giving the story a happy ending! However, there were too many tragic events to make this episode funny. (Tragedy doesn't make people laugh; it makes people cry!) I especially didn't like how most of the events made the Brass Ladies detestable enough to be complete villainesses. Some examples of the tragic events involving the Brass Ladies are:

  1. The Brass Ladies' gluttony caused too much food in the clubhouse to be eaten, causing Dr. John Von Foolish's grocery taxes to get too expensive. Despite the fact that he won the lottery years ago, he was literally taxed to death! Burger would force them to save some food for the other club members.
  2. The Brass Ladies successfully killed off some of the Hamburger Heavy Metallers. (Especially the smaller ones) If it weren't for Burger, they never would have accepted them as fellow club members.
  3. Since Dr. Foolish died because of Event #1 in this list, the Brass Ladies took over the Extraordinares Club & forced the other members to work as slaves. Now that isn't funny! Plus, there was no hero to stop the decidedly villainous Brass Ladies!

There were other tragic events that happened in Burger's family since he was never born in this parallel-universe tragic history, like his parents having an untimely death, and his sister Cheeseburger reluctantly becoming the Queen of Foodland; she was a very unhappy queen! Anyway, since the whole story of the episode had more tragedy than comedy, I ultimately decided to delete it from the cartoon series. (P.S.: Maybe there's a very good reason why Burger was the very 1st character I imagined for these cartoons...)


  • Onio: Father of 37 Children
  • In the rough draft version of this cartoon series, Onio had 37 children, 36 sons & 1 daughter. All of his sons were named after him! This deleted event was going to show proof that the Foodlandian sub-species - onion-people - could reproduce rapidly. However, according to probability, it's very unlikely for so many children to be born in the same sex. The more children Onio & his wife Onion Ring have, the less likely it is to get all of their children in the same gender. Not only that, 37 children would be way too much responsibility for the 2 parents to handle! So in the masterpiece version of the cartoon series, I decided that Onio & Onion Ring shall have just 3 children: Heather the only daughter & 1st born, Onio Jr. the middle child and Garlic the youngest.


  • In another deleted episode from the rough draft version of this cartoon series, Burger brutally & continuously told the Brass Ladies to turn off any lights they used in the clubhouse of the Extraordinares AKA Weird Gang. He wouldn't let them do anything that required sight! Every time they used a light, he would yell at them saying: "TURN OFF THAT LIGHT!" How rude, TOO RUDE, even for Burger himself! Why did he want them to keep the lights off you ask? That's a super-good question! He kept his reason a secret! I couldn't think of a good reason at first, but then I thought of these understandable possibilities:

    1. Burger didn't want the Brass Ladies to find him or see him so they couldn't try to eat him.
    2. So pilots of fighter jet planes wouldn't bomb their land by mistake. (But this is only possible & logical during wartime!)
    3. So Dr. John Von Foolish's electricity bills won't be so expensive.
    4. To prevent the Brass Ladies from living properly for revenge!

    The 3rd reason is my favorite but fortunately, Dr. Foolish is a millionaire since he won the lottery in the Season 5 episode: "The Origin of the Weird Gang", so he could easily afford to pay his electricity bills & still have more than enough money to make a living. (That also explains why he can afford to run a club!) Reason #4 made Burger seem way too mean to be an antihero instead of a full-pledged villain; Reason #2 would require more explanations; Reason #1 was good, but not good enough. Besides, Burger needs light to see, too; this storyline made him seem so counterproductive & annoyingly stupid, so I ultimately had to exclude this story from the series. This episode was untitled.


  • Handy-Cap
  • Soon after typing the script for this story, I started to have narration problems with it before even drawing the mini-comic strip! The adapted character Alice Pleasance Liddell was going to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with 3 handless opponents:

    1. Olivia Spider, who has 8 humanlike but prehensile feet instead of hands
    2. Graham Cracker the Gingerbread Man, who has flipper arms instead of hands
    3. Silly Snake (And I'm sure you already know plenty about snakes!)


    So the 3 handless characters were given cards with the appropriate symbols to play the classic hand-gesture game. The 1st narration problem I had was that Silly Snake couldn't shuffle cards very fast, although Graham can with his super speed; however, Silly Snake wasn't physically present in the scene since he moved to Spagetopia. So Graham couldn't shuffle for him. If you seen Season 7, Episode 4: "Queasy Qualms", you should already know that Silly Snake was scared out of the club since the intra-club war between the Brass Ladies & Hamburger Heavy Metallers; he told Burger on the phone that he left the club & why. So T.V. Man needed a Skype gadget so Silly could participate. The 2nd narration problem I had was that I thought this story made Alice of Alice In Wonderland look too arrogant, as if she was making fun of physically disabled people. (Specifically ones who have no hands) Even if her opponents shuffle their handicap cards, she would still have too much of an unfair advantage against them if she keeps track of the cards. (With the symbols hidden) Unless she forgets or messes up somehow, Alice's 3 opponents don't stand a chance in such a game that requires the use of hands because they have no hands!

    Alice of Alice In Wonderland is a heroine, right? This story kind of made her look more like a villainess, mocking those who have no hands! Plus, she's a classic fairytale character from the public domain since her original creator has been deceased for at least 7 decades. Lewis Carroll cast her as the main character & more importantly, as a heroine! So what would he think if he saw a cartoon that made her look like a villainess? Overall, I thought this story would be too offensive to physically disabled people so I quickly decided to trash this story. If there's 1 thing you don't want to mock in comedy, it's disabilities!


  • Foodlandians Lacking Stomaches
  • Originally, the sub-human species Foodlandians were not going to have any stomaches, which would explain why they don't have to eat to live. That created 3 narration problems:

    1. All animals have to eat something to live
    2. Without a stomach, how can somebody digest whatever he/she consumes?
    3. Animals need some important guts to live (For example, a brain to think, a heart to pump blood, lungs to breathe, a stomach to store & digest fuel for the body)

    Technically, the Foodlandians are animals (although some of them are part plants because they're vegetables, fruits or grains) because they can travel from one point in space to another automatically, unlike plants. Besides, even plants need water to live; all foods have some amount of water in them. Some foods have more water in them than others. Unless a character is a fire elemental, like Fran Thermos AKA Firegirl, or a robot, he/she will have to drink water sometime to quench his/her thrist. So to make narration simpler, I decided that the Foodlandians shall have stomaches after all in the masterpieces. Additionally, perhaps robots & fire elementals never get thristy since they're powered by electricity or gases!

    In conclusion, here are some tips to making good stories for your cartoons:


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