How Big Can A Number Be?

When it comes to numbers, there is no maximum or minimum! The universal set of numbers is infinite! It doesn't matter whether the numbers are integers, fractions, imaginary, complex, or whatever! No matter what number you think of, no matter how big it is, you can always add 1 to it, or 1 tenth, or 1 hundredth, or 1 thousandth, etc. If you added 1 decillionth to it, you would still have more than you previously had! You don't have much more, but you have more. (By the way, 1 decillion is 10 to the power of 33.)

There's even an infinite amount of numbers between integers, and all other numbers in between! If you started at the integer 2 and added 1 billionth to it per second, it would take you about 11,574 days to get to the integer 3. The number system works THAT way! Size can be a very funny thing if you think about it; that's what numbers are about: size.

Speaking of size, why not check out this animation about the number 1 million compared to the number 1? Can you imagine how big the Earth is compared to you? How about how big the Sun is compared to the Earth? The galaxy is bigger than that, and the universe is bigger than that, and the multiverse is way bigger than that!

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