Welcome to the Blueworld Adventures Cartoon Series Website

Blueworld Adventures is a fantasy/science fiction cartoon series. It has several themes to it; some examples include food, fire, water, rocks, math, letters &/or numbers, to mention a few. It is targeted towards an audience that is at least 7 years of age. The stories may sometimes have scenes of crude humor, comic mischief, mildly disgusting actions, or fantasy violence, but there is usually a moral to each one. Some stories’ endings are happy, or not so happy; most of the endings are happy.

This cartoon series has a lot of characters; hundreds of them, and at least 36 are in the primary cast! 14 characters are in the secondary cast, 13 in the tertiary cast, and at least 2-dozen in the quaternary & quinary casts. Then, there are the villains who do evil plots, and have to be stopped by the heroes sometimes. However, some cartoons in the series don’t have any villains in them, but a special problem one or some of the good characters have. One example is failing to get along with each other.