Matching Matrices

[1 2 3]+[3 2 1]=[4 4 4]

This trick is easy, easy as pie squared! All you have to do is think of a row matrix or column matrix with consecutive numbers, then think of another matrix with the same numbers, but reverse the order. Finally, add the matrices! You'll always get a matrix with the same number in every row or column!

If the numbers are in the wrong order, then you won't get the same number in each row or column.

You can even use the transpose function in this trick, but that's optional. Anyway, let's stick with lengthwise matrices for this trick.


It even works if all the numbers are even, odd, or multiples of the same number!

It's okay to skip numbers, but always skip the same amount, or the trick won't work out.

In fact, it works with all real numbers!

...Even irrational numbers!

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