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  1. Species Segregation Signs

  2. Burger's Unpopularity

  3. You do not want to get this unpopular! People need love to live, and remember: live spelled backwards is evil!

  4. Bernadette Ad & Lucy Uck(B. Ad & L. Uck)

  5. There are several ways to tell whether money is real or counterfeit. For example, have you noticed that coins of the same value are always the exact same size, weight & all? Also, dollar bills never have the exact same serial number! You should already know that they're all perfectly rectangular & are equal in length & width!

  6. When Derek Met Sally

  7. That's one of the meanest pranks a bully can ever play on an innocent boy! (You know what kind of chaos can happen if people of different sexes go in the same public bathroom, do you?) Fortunately, Sally was in there to help out a boy in need! Imagine if the characters' sexes were inverted; it would nearly be the same situation. That's why boys need girls & girls need boys!

  8. Derek Vs. Sally?(Part 1)

  9. Isn't that terrible? Sally's discophobia has wrecked her friendship with Principal Character Derek! Will Devon & Candy be able to repair the friendship? And can the CD be fixed as well? Find out just below in Part 2!

  10. Derek Vs. Sally?(Part 2)

  11. That story about how Derek & Sally met shows how beautiful their friendship is! It's a very good thing Devon & Candy could convince them to be friends again, not to mention Dr. Foolish fixing the CD!

  12. Opposite Sex Mirrors

  13. Goldilocks & Patience In College

  14. This was when Patience & Goldilocks first met. Notice how they mentioned some topics related to time travel. Space-time & dreamtime are 2 dimensions to consider when travelling thru time. You travel thru space-time when you're going into the past or future; you travel thru dreamtime when you're going into possible parallel universes.

  15. Derek the Balanced One

  16. What the Name Derek Means

  17. You know what impeachment is, don't you? It is what happens to a ruler when he/she abuses his/her power; it's taken away. Rulers should not use their power to tyrannize their homelands, they should use it for the good of the people. No person is above the law. Even as a ruler, you still have to obey your own laws & commands. If the law is wrong, then the king(or queen) can change it!

  18. How Dune Bug & V.W. Bug Got In?

  19. Sabrina Blacks Out Kooshy!

  20. The Lipstick Sisters Question Air Travel

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  21. This mini-comic is my way of giving my condolences to the families of the passengers of Flight 370, which disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014. Obviously, the jet didn't reach its intended destination safely. Danielle & Michelle also kind of mentioned the September 11th Tragedy.

    Since 3 of my memorable characters talked about a rather serious subject in this cartoon, I included the cranky, anthropomorphic cockroach so he could complain about the "traffic" bugs have to go thru & blame it on these 3 "giantesses"! Isabelle stomps him out to shut him up, and this gives the cartoon some necessary comic relief!

  22. Archy Ant's Proverb

  23. Archy Ant had that comment about the previous cartoon above. He's right about size because you don't want to provoke characters that are much larger than you are; you can get squished faster that way! Also, in the world(s) of this cartoon series, it's considered impolite for smaller, tiny characters to call bigger, huge ones by their 1st names...unless they're friends!

    Humor Hint: Bugs are super easy to use as a butt of a joke because of their size! Pair up a bug character with a femme fatale for big laughs!

  24. Thanks For 9,500 Hits!

  25. Alice & Maxie's Balloon Rescue

  26. Gender Vs. Jeans!

  27. Girls, have you ever put on your brother's pants by mistake? Maybe he could have worn your pants by mistake, too! Then again, some girls' pants have feminine symbols or patterns on them; otherwise, ladies can always wear dresses on their hips!

    By the way, that guy is Michelle's parallel universe counterpart of her opposite sex. (Let's call him Michael) In case you don't know, Sally can see events in parallel universes; this superpower is called cross-dimensional awareness.

  28. Slippery Slippers!

  29. Eagle Suits

  30. Dottie Doll Loves The Springtime

  31. Penny Pincher's disappointment

  32. Poor Penny Pincher didn't get to appear in an episode of the cartoon series before it was concluded. But at least she has already appeared in cartoon shorts. However, I decided not to create any more epic cartoons since they take so much time to draw; I lost time for other important things, so from now on, I will only make cartoons that can be finished within 1 day. An episode (or epic cartoon) would take more than 1 day to finish, in fact "Trophy Trek" took a whole week to finish!

    It's time to balance my time with my cartoons & everything else that is important to me, and be more realistic about my dream goals.

  33. Numbers Vs. Words!

  34. Alpho is the name of the Letter People's home country in the main world of the cartoon series. Its government forbids the Letter People from standing together in a way that spells very nasty cusswords. If they break this law, then they get severely punished for it, whether it's by accident or on purpose! The Letter People have to be very careful how they stand next to each other; therefore, they think words (especially cusswords) suck!

  35. Spineapples!

  36. These monsters are half apple, half sea urchin. Spineapples are one of the most dangerous, but fortunately rarest creatures in the worlds of the cartoon series! Some of them can fly, thanks to their propeller-like leaves on their stems, but most of them are found underwater. Despite their prickliness, spineapples have some weaknesses: they are very predictable, especially the ones that can fly, they can be destroyed with impregnable objects & explosives, and their weak spots are their faces, which are difficult to hit!

  37. Smiles & Frowns

  38. At least football makes men smile, expect when their favorite teams lose! There's something called Irritable Male Syndrome that makes men very cranky sometimes; women are immune to it since they're female. There are other reasons why women tend to smile more, but it's a bit complicated...

  39. Patience's Sport Outfit & Sneakers

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