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  1. Burger's Favorite Holiday: New Year's Day

  2. Patience Gets Hasty!

  3. Archy Ant shouldn't have to worry about losing his cuteness because true friends always think you're cute!

  4. Thanks For 8,500 Hits!

    I posted this image since the hit counter reached 8,500! Derek C. Jr., Calvin the Caveman, & Alice of Alice In Wonderland all show their gratitude in this image. Calvin & Alice star in their own bonus mini-series in "Blueworld Adventures".

  5. Brain In An Image Map

  6. I used this image as an image map for my math Web site that doesn't exist anymore. It was a project for my CA 272 class, but I simply put some of the pages from that deleted site onto this site since I had backup. (You can find them in the Math Section) Clicking on the shapes in the image actually won't take you to those other Web sites anymore, but I posted this image here anyway because I thought it looked so cool.

  7. Shoe Density

  8. Patience has a specialty with shoes! She hardened her ballet flats into iron slippers!

  9. St. Patrick's Day Joke

  10. This gag makes you think an ambiguous thought, doesn't it? You'd be breaking the pinching rule about wearing green, if underwear counts as clothes!

  11. Matter of Infinity IV

  12. Alice is dreaming about herself, dreaming about herself, dreaming about herself, dreaming about herself...

  13. Easter Egg Crush

  14. Meet the Connecto Sapiens

  15. The Difference Between 2 Societies

  16. Germs

  17. Never underestimate your foes just because of their size indeed! However though, not all germs are bad; some of them help people get well again!

  18. Calvin the Caveman Breaks the Front Door

  19. Appearances Can Matter

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  20. Miss Muffet's Nightmare!

  21. Derek & Devon In Umbrella Hats

  22. The idea of drawing this picture just came to my head 1 rainy day. Principal character Derek C. Jr. & his sister Devon are wearing umbrella hats as you can see in this picture. Much easier than holding an umbrella, huh? Patience just happened to be there in Dollar City Park with them!

  23. Treat Ladies As Equals

  24. I met some ladies who are physically stronger than me, really! And no, that doesn't mean that I'm a weakling!

  25. Holiday Hatred!

  26. Gender Bending Meets Public Bathrooms

  27. The visiting connecto sapiens couldn't understand at first why there are separate public bathrooms for each gender since he/she/it has the power to change his/her/its gender! With this superpower, it doesn't make much of a difference, does it? But the other 2 familiar characters-Burger & Sue-don't have the connecto sapiens' superpower!

  28. Frogger Joke

  29. 6th Anniversary

  30. Emily Butterfingers' Most Ignorant Pupil or the Origin of the Number Hater

  31. Ever had a student or classmate this ignorant? You can defeat such opponents by becoming a better, more honorable student than them! If you're the teacher, then you can send them to detention!

    A million apologies to whoever is offended by this mini-comic. Coincidentally, the ignorant villain George Peanut-Brain happens to have brown skin and Emily Butterfingers happens to have peachy skin. (No racism was intended)

  32. Sabrina Pixie In Love!

  33. Manly Mischief!

  34. The Star Symbol of the Series(On A Flag)

    The symbol of the series is a gold star with a blue capital "D" in its center; however, the "D" on Sabrina's flag is black.

  35. Symbol Coins

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