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  1. Fruit Illusion

  2. Watermello

  3. Who is stomping on whom in the 1st picture panel? Candy Stripes is stomping on Olivia Spider, Susan Martin is stomping on Fritz Godzilla the Iguana, Suzette Martin is stomping on Elizabeth Godzilla(Fritz's sister), and Fudge Stripes is stomping on Mack the Mouse!

  4. It's Raining Ladies' Shoes!

  5. This image is from a scene in the animated episode "Patience's Shoe Trick: The Extended Version". This is when the 6 other Brass Ladies in the cartoon try to do Patience's shoe trick but they messed up & their shoes flew around the room, which is why Patience had to use her umbrella! I tweaked the frame to make it look like this; it doesn't look like this in the original cartoon.

  6. Don Demonvark & Dr. Den Tist

  7. Dusty the Landeater

  8. Penny Pincher (Part 1)

  9. Penny Pincher (Part 2)

  10. The 5 Fantastical Fairies' Pop Party Outfits!

  11. Derek the Juggler

  12. I forgot to post this image here at my Website soon after drawing it; however, it was already posted at Whatever I post there, I want it here, too!

  13. Knock Knock Joke #3

  14. You guessed it! That thing in Goldilocks' hand is her key!

  15. Knock Knock Joke #4

  16. These 2 donut-shaped chefs are Dizzy Donut(the green one) & his sister Diana.(the pink one)

  17. Knock Knock Joke #5

  18. Watergirl AKA Wendy Hydron tells this knock knock joke whenever someone-like Patience Muffet-doesn't swim in the Extraordinares' pool!

  19. Kooky Comments I

  20. To the Bottom Back to Top

    The characters themselves have comments about the images they appeared in!

  21. Kooky Comments II

  22. Kooky Comments III

  23. Kooky Comments IV

  24. Kooky Comments V

  25. Kooky Comments VI

  26. The Wormhole To Derek's World

    Another image I posted at that I forgot to post here.

  27. 5th Anniversary!

  28. Cookie Doctor

  29. When this tragicomedy happened to our favorite little living cookie, he learned something about himself; he has a special power that allows his gingerbread body to be repaired! Also, I normally forbid mayhem in my cartoons; the exception is if the maimed character can regenerate.

  30. Burger Outraged By A Newspaper

  31. The Necessity To Do Something or Creativity Crisis

  32. Talk about stage fright! Principal character Derek C. Jr. thought nobody would like this cartoon that he's in because he was currently out of funny ideas to try! His sister Devon C. Jr. & their friend Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins were also out of ideas, so he panicked! But Kloot thought Derek's panicking was funny at least, and informs him about it! Well, did you think this cartoon was funny?

  33. How Burger & John Met

  34. This mini-comic strip revealed Burger's job! It also reveals that John wanted to be a doctor since he was a kid, otherwise he wouldn't be called Dr. Foolish.

  35. Danielle's Figure

  36. I really hope more girls will take Michelle's advice. It's a shame when girls vainly try to lose too much weight & refuse to eat a crumb. Starvation is dangerous! As long as you're in shape, be proud of your size!

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